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Erez Modai Tel Aviv OfficeIntercultural-gap icebergs might sink even a Titanic of a business. Most of the time we are not even aware of the iceberg, sometimes we can't see it, when we see the iceberg it is unfortunately too late, but worst of all - what we do see is only the tip of the iceberg. Although Israel holds many titanic technological and commercial opportunities, few other countries present a bigger intercultural and interpersonal challenge. So should you give up on titanic business?

With the right preparation and facilitation you can turn everybody's challenge to your advantage.
Erez Modai, a seasoned international business professional and lawyer, has joined the professional team of Flow4Biz with the aim to assist and secure successful international business (and in particular business with Israelis), as well as to overcome commercial hurdles and disputes.

So don’t give up on international business. Contact Flow4biz and land your international business safely.

Erez Modai: do international business safely

Erez Modai, formerly legal counsel in international and multinational corporations, took part in negotiations with companies and governments from some 40 countries over deals of 1.5 billion dollars in the aggregate. Beginning in his MBA studies Mr. Modai explored the subject of culture gaps and developed methods to overcome gaps and even capitalize on them. Mr. Modai, has published in Hebrew several books relating to international business and to resolving international commercial disputes. Erez Modai gives lectures and presentations in national level institutions and has also appeared in the media concerning issues in his fields of focus.
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