Seemingly trivial misunderstandings and conflicts contribute much to poor relations, be it in business as well as in the private sphere. A real business risk, often caused e.g. by mere time pressure or underestimated cultural differences. Flow4Biz is a new concept to gain a better understanding of your business-partner's background which will provide you (or regain) a more stable and therefore harmonious cooperation. Our services range from the classical business consultancy (process and other audits), business diplomacy (bringing potential business partners together and act as an interpreter to your negotiations and further communications) to workshops on inter-cultural themes, but also individual coaching or mediation in conflict situations. Our globalised world has proven how close we are together, yet forgetting to respect the other's identity.

We operate from various European locations, but our services know no borders.

alexandra sitchAlexandra Sitch (managing partner), intercultural and interpersonal mediation in business and politics: "Good communication in business and private relations is not only about language but involves a good understanding of the other person's culture, mentality, a different context as well as the skill to work with appropriate non verbal signals , attitude and techniques to discover the real motives, interests of the other party. Harmonious long term relations start with yourself: through a listening ear, a positive attitude, empathy, finding the right tone and common ground, without losing your own authenticity! In my work. either for mediation sessions, negotiation and conflict coaching or Intra-cultural relation workshops, these substantial elements are used and transmitted all the time, helping you to obtain more positive results in business, a better atmosphere at work, with your colleagues and more balance within yourself!"
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Michael SrbaMichael Srba (associate partner / Vienna office), versatile international business consultant and manager with strong connections both in corporate and NGO environments: "The core of most dysfunctional phenomena lies in the lack of understanding the whole framework. Too often, we deal with little fires, but overlooking the real cause of the overall problem. Far too long have we disected problems into useless fractions and thus focussing on specialised miniature issues, while we forgot to understand the whole picture. As a result, we have nowadays an obsession with measuring output as a value for 'success' but fail to see strategic importance as well as ethics. And when talking with fellow managers or anyone else for that matter, they all agree that a certain 'something' is missing. Society itself is a mirror of much that happens in businesses and vice versa. Those, who know me, know my passions for good governance in every sphere because it will bring a guaranteed sustainable and added value to all parties involved."
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