Reorganisations, Software-Migration, Process Improvement... Many implementations where management believes it solves a problem or increases turnover. Yet, seemingly trivial misunderstandings and hidden conflicts contribute much to poor relations, be it in business as well as in the private sphere. A real business risk, often caused e.g. by mere time pressure or underestimated cultural differences. Flow4Biz bundles a new concept to gain a better understanding of your business-partner's background which will provide you (or regain) a more stable and therefore harmonious cooperation. Our services range from the classical business consultancy (process and other audits), business diplomacy (bringing potential business partners together and act as an interpreter to your negotiations and further communications) to workshops on inter-cultural themes, but also individual coaching or mediation in conflict situations. Our globalised world has proven how close we are together, yet forgetting to respect the other's identity.

We operate from various European locations, but our services know no borders.