Toxic Management assumptions... don't!

Im Social-Media wird häufig geposted von 'Professionals' was leider nur eines beweist: schlechtes Management ... (Original Text auf Englisch)

In a recent posting, a Slovak HR consultant posted an article on LinkedIn, where the consultant presented an assumed solution to avoid negativity of workers to spread within teams by eliminating them, comparing them to rotten apples.

Having experienced Slovak (and other countries') companies as an external management advisor, it was exactly this anachronistic – almost feudal – attitude, where management behaves as if being in an invincible ivory tower, and any suggested improvement from below is being ‘rewarded‘ with a slow ‘dumping-process‘, where the then on mobbed employee will in the end leave on its own or ultimately be fired.

Presenting yourself as a touch manager, no matter how impressive that may seem (mostly wishful thinking), is giving you a bad image: a manager that extinguishes fires and rules like an autocrat, yet having no understanding for creating the right framework for his organisation to achieve loyalty among his teams.

Whether this can be attributed to the communist past or is it a ‘Trumpist‘-neology, in either case it creates more havoc than a sound working environment. In the end, management will not go unscathed; like on the Bounty, push your crew to the limits and you get a mutiny aboard. Of course, if you really deal with a saboteur, then do the right thing. But when working strategically sound, with the right empowerment and coaching of your people, then it will be rather an exception. It‘s a matter of approach.

Just one valuable advice: post as a leader not as a bully.

"We don't have a budget for that..."

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