Innovation: a must in changing your business...

Organisations are to an extent limited. Even more than one assumes; whether in the number of staff, equipment, or financially speaking. Time-constraints, deadlines or too many urgent projects on your plate deprive you from (re)thinking your current position or strategy. Yet, with these limited resources, as an entrepreneur, you need to create a framework to maximise your potential.

Perhaps, especially when you just founded a start-up, your business might be exciting for you… for now. These excitements will soon pass away and if you stuck to ‘old structures’, with still strictly dedicated responsibilities, and focusing on saving on the usual day-to-day operations in order to squeeze a bigger profit-margin, one has a full plate.. The assumption, it will eventually grow more stable in due time and at a point, when all is in place, one could one day lay back. Unfortunately, … wrong.

The changes that take place might seem only for high-tech oriented gadget-freaks or perhaps teens and tweens. Having said that, although the changes are ultimately affecting the whole market as such, it is becoming slowly apparent, that a certain ‘generation’ or ‘industry branch’ seems to have a certain stage-fever or bluntly defer or ignore the developments.

The objectives of “profit-and-growth” is the language of the 1960-1980s, the old days of industrialisation and hierarchal systems, whereas today the shift goes more into sustainability and social media. (Please note that sustainability is the perfect balance of personal, economic and environmental paradigms – only that assures long-term success).

Taking a step back and do some (re)thinking is not a goal one should set for 2018 or 2025… You should consider it today. Else you might miss the boat completely.

The dynamics of the said developments are such that one indeed needs to keep an active finger on the pulse. More than ever, should one be aware of the fact that fast-forward moving innovation is vital for your business. And this is not only for limited to technology; innovation means basically changing the stiff structures: it pertains to processes, your products - finding perhaps a completely new group of customers, your corporate culture and communication, marketing, sales, you name it. Just to build the said sustainable path and jointly offer - with a touch of savoir-vivre in an inspiring setting - specialised and tailor-made consulting and coaching to gain new insight and redirect your strategy onto the right tracks: thus elevating your comfort level, diminishing your distractions and harness you for the upcoming years of innovative flexibility.

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