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What is the real pitfall, if management shows little to no commitment in addressing their hidden risks...
Offering business/process optimisation at #Flow4Biz.eu, can sometimes lead to rather ironical situations – albeit that it is a bit tragic for the ‘customer’.

When discussing your product that certainly brings added-value, often enough the reflex-reaction you hear is “we don’t have a budget for that!”. Really??? What it really tells, you, is that the basic management competencies are de facto ignored, if not absent. No better way to say this. Sorry for that.

For example: in certain studies, analysing the motivation of employees – or the lack thereof – it has been calculated, what damage it can bring to a company, if you disregard this given fact. The mere fact, that globally (differs from country to country, of course) 71% of staff is not fully engaged. That’s almost three quarter of your teams. People who do perhaps at least the minimum required, and 21% are in a negative engagement mode, i.e. is pure sabotage.

Now, the reasons for this disengagement can be manifold – and it has in majority nothing to do with the salary. A damage, resulting from such a situation, as calculated by economic results to a company, can amount to 5x the annual salary worth of a certain employee. Yes, this is perhaps “just” a worst-case scenario, but even it is only 1x and applied to 71%, please calculate how much such negligence brings to you. It is more than you can afford to risk.

Not having a budget to solve a slumbering problem, is just a sign of management ignorance, not seeing the ramifications of such position. Not having a budget is thus the lamest excuse one can find. Your management credibility is down the drain (and soon your business).

Investing in along-term sustainable optimisation is worth a million times more the small fee that you would pay for it, and (if properly understood and implemented) can last forever. Otherwise, your ‘limited budget’ is financing your damages until there is no more business. Be the leader and dare to take the step; we bring the know-how, and you get the added-value in the end.

article published on LinkedIn on 8 January 2018

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