as we focus on a wide-range of themes that could help your business, these are the 3 main pillars that we offer:
  • Business development and business improvement (Organisation and Strategy): Business processes need control but foremost guidance. If your flow-chart seems perfect, results fluctuate or even fail due to different reasons, be it external or internal. Effective management is not always depending on top-notch technology or applied methods. We provide a thorough analysis of your organisation and deliver full support for an optimisation to obtain better and long-lasting results - even in an interim/shadow-management presence implementing change, from lean-production, outsourcing service-processes to improved hiring processes and talent management, or the development of a better and stronger team - with a focus on systemic approach. For either settled corporations, NGOs to Start-Ups. In short: whatever you need - we'll fix it for you!
  • Business diplomacy - Inter-cultural awareness in business programmes: Losing a business-deal due to a small cultural misunderstanding is a painful and costly experience for every company. International business is not merely a simple language thing: non-verbal communication and behaviour is much too often underestimated. We offer either active assistance with your business negotiations or tenders, or provide interesting workshops where through presentations as well as active role-play gaining understanding of your international relations, clients and business partners; their specific different negotiation processes, social code and regional etiquette, cultural-specific mindset and linguistic barriers. Build a solid basis for your business deal and avoid cultural pitfalls. The essential insight to improve the quality of your interactions and sustainably strengthen your (international) clients' contact and lasting loyalty with your product. Especially for linking Eastern-Europe and/or Asia, we offer special service-packages.
  • Mediation and conflict management: In case of escalated conflicts, we can mediate between the parties to avoid lengthy and costly legal battles. You will always gain long-term. Also, we train organisations how to avoid them: In this training everybody will be inspired to implement his own strength, to consider communication problems as positive challenges.which can unable us to analyse the real motives, interests of the other party instead of fighting their different points of view. Through special techniques and exercises we learn to listen actively to eachother, discover common ground and obtain new perspectives and solutions and improve the businessrelation for the future...